Eneroc Oy

Eneroc is a fast-growing technology company founded in 2006 in Tampere. While software is our primary focus, we have strong expertise in hardware-related issues and we also develop software for embedded systems.

Our business model is based on adopting new technologies quickly, allowing us to quickly capitalize on the increased productivity which these new solutions bring. This allows us to move faster than some of our larger competitors. It is not uncommon for a new version of our software to be released on the same day a critical bug is found. This agility also allows us to quickly react to changing needs of our customers when we are developing customized software for them.

Our strategy is based on maximizing the growth of the company in a sustainable way. While we continue to grow organically, we will also be looking into making strategic aquisitions in the future to create value for our shareholders. We also care about our environment and always try to use carbon-neutral practices where applicable.

We would love to hear from you if you want to do business with us.